Over the span of 8 weeks from January to early March 2024, students who have completed their preschool education at Kindergarten 2 at age 6 years will be able to pursue a comprehensive P1 Prep Course designed by our curriculum specialists in close collaboration with Julia Gabriel Preschool Singapore.

With aims to help the students holistically prepare for their Primary 1 curriculum, the skills they have acquired from Kindergarten 2 will be reinforced through a carefully planned curriculum in a focused class led by experienced educators employing the EduDrama® methodology.



T.H.R.I.V.E is essentially,
thoughtful, happy, resilient, innovative values in education.
A programme for social and emotional development based on the VIA character strengths and positive education, this is a new addition to Julia Gabriel Preschool Kuala Lumpur exclusive for students of the P1 Prep Course.

In our current climate it is essential to give our children a strong learning foundation and strengthen their sense of wellbeing. The Thrive programme has been successfully used in the Singapore primary school student care programmes for over 2 years. The sessions are designed to encourage thought, discussion, sharing and awareness in children where they will seek to explore a ‘growth mindset’, the idea of strengths and talents, goals and target setting, and developing a positive self image.

Language and Literacy

Through conversations, speech activities and discussions, our children develop listening skills as well as confidence and clarity in expressing themselves. Regular activities include News Sharing about current events. They will further develop their literacy skills through a variety of phonemic and phonics-based activities using a variety of language games, hands-on activities and activity sheets.

Similarly, the children will see themselves stepping up in their Oxford Reading Tree scheme from the United Kingdom progressing to activities designed for more advanced readers to continue inculcating their innate love for reading towards the mastery of their English language.



The children are set to continue their exploration into the mathematical development gearing towards the Primary level. There will be opportunities to practice, problem-solve and consolidate ideas and concepts, enabling them to understand and apply their knowledge in a variety of situations.


Research / Science

Through a variety of thematic, cookery, science and technology-based activities, the children will be encouraged to investigate, experiment, observe and apply their knowledge in order to develop a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Physical Education

The Chiltern House Physical Education curriculum has been specifically designed by teachers and an occupational therapist to provide an engaging and skill-based programme. Physical Education activities are held once a week where the children not only develop their motor skills; they also learn to cooperate in groups and to work in teams. The skills developed are further enhanced throughout the week as the children have fun in the playground.



Incorporates both a formalised language learning programme as well as planned conversational opportunities to develop the practical use of the language. This is done through our teachers’ involvement in daily routines such as snack time, playground, games and the use of technology. Mandarin Speech and Drama along with Show and Tell are conducted once a week.

The children will continue forging ahead in their mastery of the Mandarin language in the Primary 1 level, inculcating love for Mandarin through daily exposure to social language, art and craft, songs and rhymes, drama and stories.

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre’s Creative Writing

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre’s Creative Writing programme draws on a series of stimulating strategies and techniques which enable children in the early Primary levels to understand and enjoy using essential elements of spoken Mandarin and Chinese script.

The programme uses a range of strategies to stimulate each child’s creative thinking, enabling them to create their own works of literature. They learn to use language imaginatively, resulting in colourful and confident speech and writing. Includes vocabulary building, literature and picture analysis, oral composition, and writing.

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre’s Language Skills

The Language Skills programme under Chengzhu Mandarin Centre supports students in reaching the standards expected for the primary school Mandarin curriculum.

Language Skills focuses on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through a variety of dynamic and age-appropriate teaching methods.
Includes storytelling, oral language activities, science, picture comprehension, reading and writing, thus enabling the children to progressively add colour and depth to their existing Mandarin communication skills.

Bahasa Melayu

The children will be guided to further strengthen their mastery of the Bahasa Melayu language for the Primary 1 level, through a variety of fun and engaging activities in class – art and craft, music and movement, story time, and language games. The children will also be further exposed to the arts, local food, and traditional games to nurture an even more comprehensive understanding of the Malaysian culture.


Speech and Drama

Specialist educators from Julia Gabriel Centre conduct Speech & Drama sessions once a week. At the Primary 1 level, students improve their discussion skills, building confidence, concentration and social expression. Poetry and prose inspire creative and cognitive thinking, giving students opportunities to approach problems and find solutions while deepening their communication skills. Students also record their responses to stories and drama activities, strengthening their literacy skills.


Music and Movement

Specialist educators conduct music and movement sessions once a week, encouraging children to express their creativity as they explore elements of music (dynamics, tempo, pitch, rhythm) through singing, movement, dance, playing percussion instruments and music appreciation. The children have fun using their body, voice and mind to bring about important listening, cognitive and physical connections for the understanding of music. Most importantly, our classes help the children develop a lifelong love for music!


Art and Craft Projects

Experiences in art allow children to be expressive, creative and imaginative. The activities stimulate their interest and at the same time develop creative thinking, decision making and problem solving skills. Our teachers provide activities that allow the children to explore and manipulate the tools and materials to develop manual dexterity and better eye-hand coordination in a creative way.

10% Early Bird Discount applies when you sign up by 27th October 2023.

Students must fulfill a minimum language proficiency requirement in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu prior to acceptance.

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