General Terms & Conditions Governing Registration and Admission, Reg. No. 716723-H

1. Regulations

1.1 Enrolment into Chiltern House is subject to the terms and conditions herein and the Parent and/ or Guardian is requested to sign the Registration and Admission Forms as acknowledgement of their acceptance of these terms & conditions upon registering the child on the waiting list and upon confirmation of an admission at Chiltern House. For the avoidance of doubt, all references to “Parent” herein shall include references to the “Legal Guardian” of the child as the case may be (subject to sufficient documentary proof). Edukate Learning Centre Sdn Bhd operates Chiltern House Preschool in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.

1.2 Upon acceptance of the child to Chiltern House, the Parent of the child agrees to be bound by all policies, rules and regulations as may be published and amended by Chiltern House from time to time, and to the terms of this Agreement.


2. Age Requirement

2.1 The age entry to Chiltern House shall be based on the following:

  • Pre Nursery – the child has to be 18 months old by the class commencement date,
  • Nursery 1 – a child has to be 2 years old by December of the previous year,
  • Nursery 2 – a child has to be 3 years old by December of the previous year,
  • Kindergarten 1 – a child has to be 4 years old by December of the previous year,
  • Kindergarten 2 – a child has to be 5 years old by December of the previous year.


3. Registration onto Waiting List

3.1 Registration onto a Waiting List does not guarantee a place at Chiltern House for the year and month for which application is made. Chiltern house shall offer available places strictly on a first-come, first-served basis in accordance with the prevailing Chiltern House Admission Policy (as annexed hereto) and Chiltern House is entitled to exercise its own discretion as it reasonably deems just and fit, where necessary.

3.2 For the Pre-Nursery and Nursery One Waiting List, registration shall only be accepted one (1) year before admission into Chiltern House.

3.3 In the event that the child is withdrawn from Chiltern House and, if the Parent wishes to subsequently enrol the child again, the Parent would have to submit a new registration form to Chiltern House. Upon such re-registration, the child shall be placed onto the Waiting List and re-admission shall be in accordance with the prevailing Chiltern House Admission Policy.

3.4 If the Parent wishes to defer enrolment after a child has been offered a place in Chiltern house, then the place shall be offered to the next child on the waiting list, in accordance with prevailing Chiltern House Admission Policy and Chiltern House is entitled to exercise its own discretion as it reasonably deems just and fit, where necessary. This shall apply to all re-registrations and movements across Chiltern House centres and sessions.


4. Notice of Commencement

4.1 Chiltern House shall make every effort to advise the Parent (but is under no obligation to do so), not less than two (2) months before the commencement of the year for which application is made, as to whether a place has been allocated to the child. Where a place is not allocated for the requested year, the child’s name shall be placed on the Waiting List at a position determined by the date on which the completed Registration Form was received in accordance with the prevailing Chiltern House Admission Policy.


5. Offering of Place and Confirmation of Admission

5.1 The offer of a place to the child amounts to successful and completed admission.

5.2 Registration fee will be forfeited if the parent declines the offer of the place.

5.3 The admission of the child is subject to a successful interview by the Head of Centre of Chiltern House for the purpose of ensuring that the child shall benefit from the programme. The decision of the Head of Centre of Chiltern House is final and shall be kept private and confidential save for discussions with the Parent of the child.

5.4 After the interview, if the Head of Centre recommends that the child’s admission to be postponed or the child take up a Learning Support place, the child’s name shall be placed in the appropriate Waiting List accordance with the prevailing Chiltern House Admission Policy. In such a case, the Deposit and the Registration fee shall be refunded in a full. However, should the recommended Learning Support place be confirmed after the interview, the admission fee is payable as set out in Clause 6.


6. Fees Payable upon Admission

6.1 For Registration and Deposit, it is agreed that upon confirmation of a place for the child at Chiltern House, either a crossed cheque payable to Edukate Learning Centre Sdn Bhd or online transfer shall be made immediately.


7. Admission Forms and Documents

7.1 After payment of fees upon admission of the child as set in Clause 6, Chiltern House shall give the Parent an admission package.

7.2 The Parent shall have to complete and submit all relevant forms in the Chiltern House admission package (the admission form, authorization form, medical form, media form) and submit other photocopied documents i.e. child’s birth certificate and immunization record, Parent’s NRIC/FIN before the child’s admission into Chiltern House.

7.3 The Parent shall undertake to inform Chiltern House immediately by the way of written notice of any change in the particulars relating to the child’s admission.


8. Confirmation of the Suitability of our Programme for the Child

8.1 Every newly enrolled child of Chiltern House shall be evaluated on his/her developmental readiness and adjustment to the programme within one (1) month, commencing from the date of admission. During this period, if the child does not, for any reason, settle in easily or happily, Chiltern House may determine, in the child’s best interest, that the child be withdrawn.

8.2 Where such withdrawal is exercised, any unused fee and the deposit shall be refunded.


9. Withdrawal of Child

9.1 The Head of Centre, reserves the right to require the withdrawal of a child from Chiltern House for any reason whatsoever in their absolute discretion, by serving a two (2) months written notice as set out in Clause 20. The decision of the Head of Centre of Chiltern House is final and, shall be kept private and confidential save for discussions with the Parent of the child.

9.2 A full refund of the refundable deposit will be made without interest and less any amount due, provided no less than one (1) term written notice (Week 1 of every term), with exception for Term 4 in which a designated withdrawal date is applicable, has been given to Chiltern House, failing which, the deposit shall be forfeited. The withdrawal deadline for Term 4 (withdrawing from Term 1 the following year), written notice of withdrawal must be received by Week 1 of every year. Verbal notice of withdrawal will NOT be accepted.


10. Refundable Events

10.1 Upon the occurrence of any of the following events, the deposit, as set out in Clause 6 herein shall be refundable as provided herein subject always to the other terms in this agreement:

  • Prior to Admission

After the Parent accepts the admission and has paid for the registration fee and deposit, and full term fee and then decides to withdraw the child prior to admission, a full refund of deposit shall be made provided that no less than two (2) months written notice of withdrawal is given to Chiltern House, failing which, 50% of the deposit shall be forfeited. The term fee shall be refunded in full less outstanding amount due, if any.

  • During Academic Year

If the Parent withdraws the child during the academic year, then Clause 9 (Withdrawal of Child) herein shall apply.

10.2 The official date of withdrawal of a child shall be the date on which Chiltern House receives written Notice of Intention to withdraw the child by the Parent, subject to the terms herein. All refunds payable shall be made by the way of cheque, either handed over to the Parent personally at Chiltern House or through online banking transfer.

10.3 For the avoidance of doubt, there shall not be any pro-rating of fees of each term where refunds are applicable.


11. Fee Structure

11.1 It is agreed that the Parent shall pay a Non-refundable Registration fee, a deposit and the first term’s school fee for new admission; and during the admission of the child all other applicable fees based on the prevailing fee structure of Chiltern House as set out in Chiltern House’s Fee Structure.

11.2 Payment of all fees and deposits (as the case may be) is due by end of the first (1st) week of each term. Clause 13 shall apply in respect of any late payments.

11.3 The termly school fee of each level and session is stated in the Chiltern House Fee Structure. The Fee Structure is subjected to change at the discretion of Chiltern House. The school fee is payable for four (4) academic Terms in the calendar year.

11.4 A termly Field Trip fee shall be payable on the first (1st) week of each term.


12. Trinity College London Examination Fee

The Parent agrees that upon the child’s admission into Chiltern House, he/she shall automatically be included in the Trinity College London Young Performers. A non-refundable examination fee determined by Trinity College London shall be charged. There shall not be any refund of the examination fee should the child be unable to attend the said examination due to illness or being overseas or for any other reason whatsoever.


13. Charge for Late Fees

13.1 Any parent with payment outstanding after the due date will be charged a late fee of 2% if payment is made in Week 2 and Week 3. A late fee of 4% will be charged if payment is made from Week 4 onwards. No exceptions can be granted. All proceeds from late fees will go to a charitable organization of our selection. If payment is not received as designated, a notice may be sent to (a) bring the account current or (b) withdraw the child. If payment is not received upon such notice, Chiltern House reserves the right to refuse the child from attending further classes and treat the child as being formally withdrawn by the Parent.


14. Medical / Special Needs

14.1 The Parent shall at the time of registration make full and truthful declaration of any illness and/or medical condition suffered by the child, including a declaration of any known special needs and/or allergies suffered by the child.

14.2 The Parent shall also be responsible for assessment of the child’s health before enrolling into the programme. At the time of attending classes, the child should not be suffering from fever and/or any other illness for twenty four (24) hours prior to class attendance. The Parent should report any contagious or potentially contagious condition being suffered by the child as soon as the Parent is aware of such condition, including, but not limited to, lice, flu-like symptoms, chicken pox and HFMD.

14.3 The Parent shall take all reasonable efforts to comply with the health rules and regulations listed in the Handbook/Manuals and Guide of the relevant authorities and Chiltern House.

14.4 In case of any medical need or emergency for the child, and if the Parent cannot be contacted to give consent, the Head of Centre may authorise the medical examination of the child, call for further medical or specialist advise or fetch the child to a hospital, and all expenses thereby incurred shall borne by the Parent. In such cases, Chiltern House shall act in the best interest of the child.


15. Child’s Pick Up Policy

15.1 The Parent shall provide Chiltern House full details of all the persons authorized to pick-up the child from the respective centre of Chiltern House. This person must be at least 21 years of age.

15.2 Chiltern House, shall only release the child to the person(s) named in the admission form and authorization form. If the Parent wishes to have another person, whose name does not appear in the admission form or authorization form, to pick the child up, the Parent must give either written or oral authorization to Chiltern House together with full particulars of the name and identity details of the person who is authorised to pick-up the child and the person must also be at least 21 years of age.


16. Media Release

16.1 The Parent accepts that from time to time, Chiltern House shall record work and activities of the child to be used for academic purposes and media release. Unless written objection and approved by Head of Centre is received upon notification of such recording, the Parent is deemed to have permitted and agreed to such recording and media release.


17. Personal Data Protection

17.1 Your privacy is important to us. Edukate Learning Centre Sdn Bhd has a Privacy Policy to comply with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

17.2 Upon Registration, or at any time thereafter, the parent may or may not give consent to Edukate Learning Centre Sdn Bhd regarding providing information on our products or services, promotions, events, activities, programmes, workshops and talks. If the parent gives consent to Edukate Learning Centre Sdn Bhd, the parent is deemed to have agreed to receive this information from time to time, unless written objection or notification is given to Edukate Learning Centre Sdn Bhd to update or withdraw the consent.


18. Food and Snacks

18.1 Every child shall be served nutritious food and/or snacks at the specified meal times. It is the responsibility of the Parent to advise Chiltern House of any special needs, allergies or conditions of the child with respect to the child’s unique requirements.

18.2 The food and/or snacks are catered by Chiltern House from an independent food caterer. It is acknowledged and understood that relationship between the independent Caterer and Chiltern House is intended to be, and is to be construed as, that of independent contracting parties only and not that of employment, partnership, agency or any other association whatsoever, and nothing therein shall give or intended to give any rights of any kind and Chiltern House shall not be liable for any obligations incurred by the independent Caterer.


19. Home Learning Protocol

19.1 In the event of closure of the Centre during the term by order of the Government arising from an endemic or pandemic outbreak of an infectious disease or other events under circumstances beyond our control, all programmes shall be transferred to an online platform thus activating the ‘Home Learning Protocol’ within 3 days.


20. Withdrawal of Services

20.1 Chiltern House reserves the right to terminate or suspend the child from Chiltern House by serving a two (2) months written notice if (a) a child’s behaviour adversely affects other children or the child, or (b) the child’s special needs are beyond Chiltern House’s scope of care.

20.2 In the event where Chiltern House initiates such a withdrawal from the programme, the deposit and any unused fees shall be refunded in full.


21. Indemnity

21.1 The employees and/or agents of Chiltern House shall undertake all necessary safety precautions and act in a responsible manner to ensure the safety of the child in their charge during the child’s participation in Chiltern House’s physical education sessions, events, games and/or extra-mural activities, forming part of the curriculum, within or outside the premises of Chiltern House. The Parent agrees not to hold employees and/or agents of Chiltern House responsible or liable for any injury, loss of property or other damage that may be caused to, or suffered or sustained by the child during these activities. This indemnity shall persist unless written withdrawal of the child’s participation in any particular activity is provided to Chiltern House at least one (1) day prior to the activity.

21.2 The parent accepts and understands that a separate consent form shall be issued specifically for each event/outing conducted outside the school premises.


22. Modification of Term and Conditions

22.1 Chiltern House reserves the right to modify any of the conditions of this agreement upon 30 days written notice to the Parent.