Chiltern House Preschool supports alumni activities and maintains alumni communication because we believe in celebrating past students as a unique and valued member of our community. It has been set up in 2016 to develop and foster lifelong relationships between the Preschool and its past students.

In the Alumni, we seek to promote a warm, friendly and stimulating environment where members are able to engage in a platform to continue building on their natural interest in learning and foster their fascination with the world. Our Alumni activities are educational and nurturing in nature, and we aim to ensure they are relevant to the values we uphold in Chiltern House.

Parents are an integral part of our community. If your child was formerly a student at Chiltern House Preschool Kuala Lumpur from our establishment in 2006, and you celebrate the philosophy we believe in, we welcome you to register your child as a member of the Chiltern House Alumni by filling up the registration form below.


Be a part of Chiltern House Alumni

Members get exclusive invitations to special alumni events and meet ups.

If you are not yet registered, fill up your information and register as a member of our Alumni below:


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You will be contacted via email for correspondences on Chiltern House Alumni. Please ensure your email address is up to date. If you wish to update your details, kindly email to