The Julia Gabriel Education philosophy reflects natural learning through a process known as EduDrama. This process aims to develop faculties of empowerment. There are 8 faculties outlined in the EduDrama process – social emotional awareness, critical thinking, physical expression, language, voice and speech, organisation skills, imagination and concentration.

Developed over two decades of enquiry-based teaching and learning, the EduDrama® approach is unique because it comprises a combination of drama, an extension of play and the supportive components of positive early childhood education.

EduDrama® defines our environment, created to be most conducive to learning by those involved in children’s education with the quality of communication required to nurture children’s well-being and healthy development. It also includes our most important ingredient designed to capture imagination and develop curiosity, creativity and enjoyment – drama.

We believe young children learn best and develop optimally when they are having fun. The creative mind of a child plays naturally with the people and familiar things it loves, drawing conclusions from each new experience. Drama enables our educators to engage children’s attention in learning, maintain their interest and enable them to stay focused on activities they are excited to be part of.

EduDrama® emphasises a need for positive communication and positive discipline at the heart of our approach to nursery and kindergarten education. We model and practice both as important ingredients of healthy wellbeing and to enable children to become confident individuals and empathetic group members. All our teachers undergo training in our EduDrama® philosophy and practice.


We use an integrated approach that allows exploration and discovery in a concrete and tangible way. To facilitate the holistic development of children, learning centres are planned to provide engaging, stimulating and challenging experiences. Learning Centres are ideal for children to learn at their own pace and allows for our teachers to work closely with small groups adapting activities to suit their needs and interests. Our Learning Centres include Language and Literacy, Reading, Maths, Arts and Craft, Research, Construction and Dramatic.

Teaching Philosophy

The EduDrama® Pedagogy