Our centre is named after my parents’ home in England. Chiltern House means to me a special place: warm, nurturing and secure, a place where I feel at home. These are the qualities that our team strives to create at Chiltern House Preschool.

If we think back to childhood we will realise that this special, nurturing environment where our early learning experiences took place encompassed much more than the aesthetics of a home. Most importantly our primary caretakers were a major influence on our growth as individuals. Now that children leave home and attend centres such as

ours at a very young age, this caretaking role is shared by parents in a partnership with the teachers with whom children spend their days. This partnership, and the special trust that it carries, we take very seriously. I have chosen, personally, our team of specialist trained early learning guides because each is a gifted, individual teacher with unique skills.

They have a love of learning, the ability to stimulate this in others, and a dedication to provide the most nurturing environment possible. This will always be our combined aim.

When your child enters Chiltern House, he or she will begin a very important time in life. It will be an exciting time with new adventures, new routines and many new achievements. We are delighted to be able to share the joys of childhood with you and your family.

With best wishes,
Julia Gabriel
Founder and Creative Director