The primary aim of the Chiltern House programme is to nurture a growing independence along with positive self-esteem and self-image and instil in children a love of learning through their earliest experiences. Chiltern House offers programmes from Nursery to Kindergarten and also provides a Learning Support programme for children who need additional help to learn. The curriculum of each programme has been carefully structured and planned and includes the Oxford Reading Tree scheme from the United Kingdom, a holistic 5-strand Mathematics programme, Physical Education lessons on a weekly basis, Cooking & Research activities, Art & Craft, Mandarin, Music, and Speech & Drama (which includes participating in Trinity College London’s Young Performers Certificate).

Through providing focused activities that develop specific concepts, and a balance of play and exploration-based activities, our educators can work with small groups of children and provide a more individualised programme. This approach develops our children’s skills in managing time, making choices and decisions and internalised motivation to learn. Mandarin, similarly to Bahasa Melayu, is often taught using a more whole-group approach, with a range of learning styles catered for in the activities planned. As such, our children experience variety in approaches and styles, enabling them to subsequently adapt to a diverse range of primary school settings.

Chiltern House prepares our students for entrance into the local Primary and Chinese Primary schools, Private and International schools. Lessons are conducted in three languages: English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Melayu.


During school closure period amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Home Learning Protocol (online learning programme) was first established to maintain continuity of learning by keeping our students engaged and connected to their current daily learning and their friends and class teachers. It is designed to engage children in a fun, balanced and meaningful way incorporating the values of our EduDrama® methodology. Through a combination of live Contact Time, Home Learning Activities, and communication and support by Class Teachers, we aim to ensure uninterrupted learning support to our young students, with parents as our partners in education. The Home Learning Protocol (HLP) is activated during prolonged centre closure events as stipulated in our health guidelines.