Our teaching team comprises both overseas and locally qualified educators adept at sparking every child’s natural curiosity to learn within a stimulating, friendly and nurturing environment.

Many of our teachers are involved in programmes to upgrade their qualifications in line with the requirements of the local ministry. In addition to this, Chiltern House provides a planned programme of in-service training to cater for changes in curriculum and teaching methodology. Besides enhancing teaching skills, our in-service training provides opportunities to further develop the culture of Chiltern House.

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If you would like to pursue courses in the fields of speech and drama, communication and presentation skills, and early childhood education, learn more about the programmes offered for adults in our Julia Gabriel School of Education.

If you are passionate about teaching children, we are always on the lookout for mature, energetic, fun-loving, creative and hardworking people. Contact our Human Resource Department at to learn about our current vacancies or deposit your resume below.


  • Lead Preschool Teacher (English / Mandarin)

    The ideal candidate for this role should have a strong passion for educating young children and is comfortable working in an early childhood environment.

    Job Description
    – Conduct classroom session(s) for assigned level. Works hand-in-hand with the English/Mandarin Partner Teacher in regards to the children in their class.
    – Develop lesson plans for day-to-day teaching activities and establish learning objectives for the day based on curriculum plans and guidelines provided.
    – Participate in curriculum development if required.
    – Interact with children effectively and ensure their physical and emotional well-being are properly cared for.
    – Monitor, record and provide feedback of a child’s learning growth progress through classroom assessment, evaluation.
    – Ongoing engagement and communication with parents/guardians on child’s progress, issues, etc. through periodical updates to establish and maintain a good relationship.
    – Manage logistics planning for non-curriculum activities (e.g. field trips) and festive activities.
    – Guide and mentor Support English/Mandarin Teachers.
    – Support operational or external events as and when needed.
    – Attend mandatory trainings when needed.

    Job Requirements
    – Must possess relevant qualification in teaching and/or early childhood or its equivalent recognised by the Ministry of Education.
    – Strong English/Mandarin language proficiency.
    – Minimum 2 years of teaching experience.
    – Understanding of child development and learning needs with ability to engage children and parents.
    – Skills required: Classroom management and lesson delivery, lesson planning, literacy and numeracy, drama and speech, logistic planning; good interpersonal, communication and presentation.

  • Support Teacher (English / Mandarin)

    The ideal candidate for this role should have a strong passion for educating young children and is comfortable working in an early childhood environment.

    Job Description
    – Assist the Lead English/Mandarin Teacher in supporting lesson delivery and curriculum activities, such as the preparation (e.g. cutting resources)/setup of materials/equipment/portfolio and classroom management in various curriculum areas.
    – Supervise the class, and monitor the children alongside the Lead Teacher.
    – Provide inputs and support to teachers in preparing the developmental profile of children.
    – Attend a child’s basic needs (e.g. toileting, questions, etc.) during programmes/playtime/snacktime.
    – Maintain safety and emotional well-being of the children.
    – Function as a cover teacher in the absence of the Lead Teacher.
    – Support the manpower needs of the centre as and when needed.
    – Answer or relay basic curriculum related (e.g. purpose of activities) parent enquiries.
    – Provide administrative support for record-keeping, filing, distribution of circulars, newsletters, etc.
    – Attend mandatory trainings when needed.

    Job Requirements
    – Strong English/Mandarin language proficiency.
    – Proactive, creative and possesses a positive learning attitude.
    – Good interpersonal and communication skills.
    – Knowledge in basic first aid will be an added advantage.
    – Preferably equipped with skills in classroom setup, preparation and routine management.